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Guidance for Doctors About Healers

Doctors considering employing a healer for the first time may like some guidance over the line their interview with the healer should take. To encourage the best possible standards of practice and professionalism among healers working with doctors, the following are a set of questions which raise some of the issues which often need to be addressed.

1. Why does the applicant wish to work with a doctor?

2. Can he/she explain the healing process satisfactorily?

3. What is the depth of his/her experience of working with healing?

4. Does he/she have any references or testimonials to offer in support of his application?

5. Does he/she have any other useful related skills? (For example listening or counselling skills are a useful adjunct to healing.)

6. Will I feel comfortable working with this healer? And will my patients?

7. Will he/she fit in well with my present practice team?

8. Will he/she be able to handle administrative matters and the completion of clients' records to my satisfaction?

9. Does he/she have professional indemnity insurance and subscribe to the Code of Conduct of an appropriate professional body? (for example all members of associations affiliated to the Confederation of Healing Organisations are covered by professional indemnity insurance and subscribe to a Code of Conduct approved by the General Medical Council.)

10. Will he/she be able to discuss the progress of the client in a concise and meaningful way having regard to ethics and constraints of time and so on?

11. What practical arrangements need to be made regarding:

  • availability
  • time
  • room
  • appointments
  • records
  • dress
  • contingency plans for non-appearance of patients
  • When and where is the healing to take place?
  • If the treatment is to be given away from the practice, are the premises suitable?

12. Does he/she understand the importance of confidentiality in relation to the patient and the practice? And does he/she understand the doctor's overall responsibility for the patient? Should a signed statement to this effect be obtained from the healer?

13. How are the patients' progress and the length and frequency of treatment evaluated?


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