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Sunday, 25th September, 2011

Discover the Benefits of Working with
Creativity and Reflection in the Healing Process

DHN Members Workshops #01

A Workshop for Healers and Health Practitioners
with Jo Green of Time for Me

This workshop is about learning new tools for self-healing, and to encourage observation and reflection to enhance your healing practises.

We shall be working with meditation, creative visualisation and experiential exercises to enhance awareness of the body and mind to
connect with your creative source.

There will be handouts and some theory to explain the importance and many facets of working with reflection and imagery in healing.

This is a day just for you to have fun and to help you to experience the joy and lightness of the inner child; to appreciate your unique self. A day to play, paint, create – A day of fun and exploration!

Numbers are limited, so please book early.
Please also bring vegetarian food for lunch and wear loose clothing.

CPD This workshop is accredited by
The Association for Therapeutic Healers.

About Jo

Jo is a Creative Arts Therapist. She also has over 25 years’ experience as a Bodywork Practitioner and a Therapeutic Healer. She has worked in a variety of healthcare settings. She is an innovative workshop leader. She works with awareness,
playfulness and generosity to help people discover new dimensions within themselves.

She is qualified in the Therapeutic & Educational Application of the Arts. She is a member of The Association for Therapeutic Healers, The Association of Holistic Biodynamic Massage Therapists and The Doctor Healer Network.

Date: Sunday, 25th September, 2011
Time: 11 – 5pm
Cost: 50, 35 Concessions - 20 non refundable deposit
Venue: Cockfosters, Barnet, Herts. EN4 9JT
Contact: Please phone Jo on

0208 449 3463 or
07989 442435

e-mail: jo.green@timeforme.co.uk
website: www.timeforme.co.uk

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Four Sanctuary Workshops
offered by
The Complementary Therapy Service at the
Cancer Information Centre, Ipswich Hospital

July 9th: The 5 Elements in Oriental Medicine
Exploring their connection to physical, emotional and mental well being and how you can integrate this into your practice.

September 10th: Coming Home to the Chakras
How an awareness and understanding of the Chakras can be integrated into your work and personal life.

Both Workshops are led by Felicity Karena MA, DMSAstrol
Felicity has studied both classical and psychological Astrology, gaining a diploma in Astrology in 1973. She has since worked as a professional astrologer for over 35 years and has written widely on the subject. She has an MA in Art History and Theory and has lectured at university. She runs self-development workshops and has taught in the field of complementary health for many years in both the UK and internationally. She is qualified in clinical aromatherapy, oriental diagnosis and massage. For further information on workshops, e-mail: felicity@felicitykarena.com.

September 24th: Introduction to Bach Flower Remedies
Dr Bach’s remedies offer safe emotional support to help us balance our stress and to live our lives positively. This workshop will cover all of Dr Bach’s remedies, and teach you how to prepare a mix to support self and family to maintain health and well being.

October 1st: Follow Up Day Bach Flower Remedies
The second workshop expands on the work done in workshop 1, looking at the remedies and philosophy associated with Dr Bach’s work. As with workshop 1, we will use case studies and also compare different remedies.

Completion of both days will earn a level 1 Certificate recognised by the Bach Centre.

Both Workshops are led by Tessa Jordan
Tessa is a Homeopath and Bach Practitioner, who is a recognised Bach International Education Programme Trainer. She teaches throughout the UK and Europe.

All workshops will be held at Ipswich Hospital

Contact details:

For further information on any of these workshops contact Tessa Jordan
e-mail: info@tessajordan.co.uk
Fees: 70 per workshop - Fee to be paid in full on booking
Discount Fee for Booking all 4 Workshops 260 (20 discount). Numbers are limited so please book in advance

For further information about booking courses, please contact Annie Hallett
e-mail: annie.hallett@ipswichhospital.nhs.uk
Telephone: 01473 704903

Profits will go to The Complementary Therapies and
Cancer Campaign in Suffolk

DHN Members Workshops #02

Zero Balancing 5-day workshop in Oxford
25th – 29th November 2011 with
Tim Newman and Sarah Stewart-Brown

Zero Balancing (ZB) is a deeply relaxing form of bodywork that engages the energy of bone. Developed in the US by Dr Fritz Smith, it is a form of structural acupressure which aims to harmonize the body’s energy and disperse accumulated stress or compensation patterns in the skeletal system. People receiving ZB report feeling reconnected to themselves, often experiencing a sense of calm and equanimity associated with deep meditation. They may experience release of long held term emotional or physical tension.

The primary indication for ZB is the pursuit of well being. It is a non-diagnostic practice aiming to support the whole person by balancing distortions in the flow and integrity of energy through the skeleton.

Zero Balancing is performed fully clothed and a session normally lasts 30 minutes, but can be anything from 15 to 45 minutes long.

This workshop is designed to teach you the skills needed to give a full Zero Balancing session It counts as one of the four workshops required as part of the Certification Programme in Zero Balancing. It will run from 9.30-5.30 over five days.

For more details on Zero Balancing please click here to see Sarah's article on this website or click here to go to the Zero Balancing UK website.

If you would like to book a place, please click on the icon below to download the booking form which should be printed, completed by hand and posted to Sarah Stewart-Brown, address details on the form. Please complete the form in full.

Please click the icon
below to download and print
the Zero Balancing Workshop
Booking Form
DHN Members Workshops #03

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A CHO Sponsored Study Day
Saturday 11th June 2011
9.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m

The Engineers House, The Promenade,
Clifton Down, Bristol BS8 3NB


David Lockwood

Julie Soskin

Diane O’Connell

Lunch and Refreshments Included

35.00 for CHO Member Organisation healers
45.00 for non-CHO members

but please make a note of the date!!!

To book or for more details, please contact:

Diane Lyle, Administrator
CHO, PO Box 163
Ludlow, SY8 9BU

Telephone: 01584 890662

Email: admin@the-cho.org.uk

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An Introduction to Soul Therapy
Thursday, 30 Sep 2010

7- 9pm at the InterChange Studios, Old Hampstead Townhall,
213 Havistock Hill, London NW3 4QP.
Please click here for map

DHN Members Workshops #04

  • Are you intrigued by spiritual ideas, but put off by how they are often presented?
  • Do you doubt whether spirituality can be applied in a professional context?
  • Would you like to know how to bring spirituality into your life and work in a useful, down to earth way?

The Soul Therapy team has developed a unique approach which does just that, applying spirituality in practical ways to 21st Century life and healthcare.

To be sure of your free place now, please go to

Soul Therapy combines spiritual healing, counselling/ psychotherapy and a range of techniques from the realm of subtle energy work, with the aim of bringing healing at every level of existence. It is located in Muswell Hill, London N10. The Centre offers hands on training via its two year part-time Diploma Course in Soul Therapy, which leads to the nationally recognised qualification of registered spiritual healer. Private treatment in this unique and powerful therapeutic approach is also offered by the Tutors and Consultants, as well as Practitioners trained in Soul Therapy. We really look forward to seeing you there, or if you can't make it and would like to talk to someone, please go to our website (see above) and send us an e-mail or give us a call on 020 8883 8562. For more details of the event on the 30th Sept, please click on the icon below

Introduction to
Soul Therapy

DHN Members Workshops #05

CPD Two Workshops, One Weekend with Dawn Redwood

27th/28th February 2010

DHN Members Workshops #06

CPD – Certificate of Attendance

Saturday 27th February, 2010 10am - 4pm

Fremington Parish Hall
Higher Road
Fremington EX31 3BG

COST: 50 or 80 if booking for Saturday and Sunday

The experiential workshop of this sensitive subject will overview the main stages of the cancer journey from an energetic aspect and look at ways healing can be incorporated in a practical manner. We will explore self-help techniques (relaxation, use of imagery and meditation). While the focus is the patient, we do look at ways carers and relatives may also be able to contribute, and perhaps may be able to benefit themselves.

"Very early on in my practice I learned how to adopt a straightforward approach to the self-help tools which would match the energy of the patient I was working with. This workshop is suitable for healers / energy workers (student/full members) who may or may not have had a lot of experience.

As well as my own practice I have also worked in GP surgeries, as well as practising reflexology. Many of my patients presented with cancer in the early days and I learnt much from them. As a result I now share this CPD session. I have worked at the Bristol Cancer Help Centre since 2002 (now renamed Penny Brohn Cancer Care) and also in hospices."

CPD – Certificate of Attendance

Sunday 28 February 2010, 10am-4pm

Fremington Parish Hall
Higher Road
Fremington EX31 3BG

Cost: 50 or 80 if booking for Saturday and Sunday

This experiential workshop looks at the healer’s role from a practical perspective, an ‘energetic’ point of view, the process taking place and how the ‘the healer’ fits in. Suitable for students and healers with relevant experience and other healthcare/complementary practitioners who have some relevant background.

"Over the past 13 years I have been a full-time healer during which time I have been presented with a steep learning curve in my practice from private patients and also in my work at nursing homes and hospices. My approach is practical and straightforward and respects the fact that healing is a part of everyone and our experiences here. This workshop aims to integrate this concept in a very practical manner."

To book your place: please send your contact details plus a 15 non-refundable cheque made payable to Dawn Redwood and post to:

Dawn Redwood c/o Liz Gilmour
Old Vine Cottage
North Devon
EX31 3GG

If you would like more details please contact either

Dawn Redwood
tel: 01278 783678
email: dawn.redwood@yahoo.co.uk


Liz Gilmour
Tel: 01271 861141
e-mail: mail@lizgilmour.info


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Chakra Psychology Courses with Delcia McNeil

Two New Courses
Based in Muswell Hill, North London
& Kendal in the Lake District
October 2009-June 2010
Cost: 360

Chakra Psychology Course
Muswell Hill
please click the icon
below for more details
DHN Members Workshops #07

Chakra Psychology Course
ends June 2009
please click the icon
below for more details
DHN Members Workshops #08

Chakra Psychology Course
Kendal, Lake District
please click the icon
below for more details
DHN Members Workshops #09

Whether you are feeling down, coping with illness, under pressure or just neding a lift, join Jan Alcoe in a lovely Brighton venue for a practical and uplifting day on how to improve your well-being.This relaxing and enjoyable workshop will introduce you to seven simple but powerful tools you can use to boost your resilience on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – and ride the ups and downs of life.

What participants have said about the Art of Well-being Workshop:

"I've been on a couple of workshops on well-being, but nothing has come close to the level of information and really practical advice that you put across so clearly as part of the day."

"Very pleasant, safe, comfortable atmosphere."

"I have experienced tremendous benefit, truly tremendous. I am so glad I came."

DHN Members Workshops #10

Jan Alcoe and Sarah Turner

Mind Power Workshops for positive change
with Jan Alcoe and Sarah Turner

Two inspiring and practical half-day workshops
on Saturday 23 January 2010

at The Friends Meeting House,
The Lanes, Brighton BN1 1AF

Get the New Year off to a positive start by learning to harness the power of your mind to overcome worry and stress, or to achieve healthy weight loss. Jan Alcoe and Sarah Turner are repeating these successful half-day workshops in the well-known Lanes area of Brighton.

10 AM to 12.45 PM

Do you feel worried and anxious a lot of the time?

Is it hard to think straight? Are you lacking in energy?

Stress and anxiety can impair your health and enjoyment of life. This enjoyable and relaxing workshop will help you to understand and utilise the power of the mind to overcome stress. Drawing on the latest approaches from the world of hypnotherapy, NLP and cognitive psychology, you will experience practical ways to:

- control stress and reduce anxiety
- relax deeply
- avoid panic
- change negative thinking and worry patterns
- meet basic needs in healthy ways
- boost your physical and emotional resilience and
- cope with life’s challenges

For further information about this programme contact me:

- via e-mail: please click here or

- tel 07774 758202

2 PM to 4.45 PM

Do you think about food all the time?

Are you tired of dieting only to see the weight go back, plus more?

What would it be like if you could finally find a solution to get you off that dieting rollercoaster?
With our specially designed Mind Power workshop, you can find that solution. During this half-day workshop you will learn effective ways to improve your overall relationship with food and with yourself:

find your natural, ideal weight easily and effortlessly
transform the way you think about food forever
become free from emotional eating
enjoy the foods that nourish, calm and satisfy you
be guided by your body’s own natural ability to eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full.

For further information about this programme contact:
Sarah Turner Tel 07783 994545
e-mail: by clicking here


Jan Alcoe, BSc(PsychHons), DHypPsych(UK): is an experienced trainer and writer in holistic health care and well-being. She is a registered hypnotherapist and author of Lifting Your Spirits: seven tools for coping with illness (Janki Foundation, 2008). Jan has successfully worked with many clients with anxiety, stress, panic disorder, depression and phobia. www.hypnotherapyforliving.co.uk

Sarah Turner, BA(Hons), DHypPsych (UK): is an accredited hypnotherapist and solution focused therapist running workshops and individual sessions in Brighton and London . Through her skills, she has seen many clients achieve healthier relationships towards food and eating. www.strategictherapy.co.uk


Both events will be held in the famous Lanes area of Brighton , close to the seafront, so enjoy a half-day workshop with time left to explore and shop, or come to the whole day and take the full benefits. The Meeting Place is in Ship Street , Brighton BN1 1AF, 10 minutes walk from Brighton Station, close to all City bus routes and with car parking nearby.

Workshop fees

30 per workshop, 50 for both workshops (save 10)
Includes refreshments and handouts

To book a place on either or both of the above workshops:

You can pay by cheque, sending it to the following address along with your name, address, telephone number and email address: Jan Alcoe, 401 Ditchling Road , Brighton BN1 6XB OR

Pay by Paypal by clicking here which will take you to my website. The Pay Now button is half way down the page on the right hand side. Please click the logo and follow the instructions. Thank you.

You will receive confirmation and joining information via email.

We look forward to working with you. Jan and Sarah

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Two workshops with Jan Alcoe

Saturday 30 May, 2009:
The Art of Well-being: seven tools for coping with the
ups and downs of life

(see details below)

Saturday 18th July, 2009:
Lifting Your Spirits: seven tools for coping with cancer

please click here for details

DHN Members Workshops #11

Saturday 30 May, 2009
The Art of Well-being:
seven tools for coping with
the ups and downs of life
with Jan Alcoe

in association with the BHMA
(British Holistic Medical Association)

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below for more details
on The Art of Wellbeing
DHN Members Workshops #12

Saturday 18th July, 2009
Lifting Your Spirits:
seven tools for coping with cancer

in association with New Approaches to Cancer

please click the icon
below for more details
of Lifting your Spirits
DHN Members Workshops #13

For bookings and information:

Contact Jan Alcoe
Hypnotherapy for Living
Tel: 01273 504574/07774 758202
E mail: please click here
Web: Jan Alcoe
Clinics in the Kemptown and Surrenden areas of Brighton, and Hove (easy parking and main bus routes)

A gentle, inspiring one-day workshop to enable people with cancer and those supporting them to explore a range of self-help ‘tools’ which can be used for enhancing well-being and boosting resilience at any stage of the cancer journey. Participants will benefit from the relaxing activities and be encouraged to look at how the tools can be incorporated into their daily and healthcare routines.

Jan Alcoe is an experienced writer and trainer in holistic health, registered hypnotherapist and author of Lifting Your Spirits: seven tools for coping with illness (Janki Foundation, 2008). She draws on her work and her own journey through cancer to present these valuable workshops.

401 Ditchling Road, Brighton BN1 6XB, a lovely house and gardens with free parking, close to the A27 by-pass, and on City bus routes. Map below.

please click the icon
below to see a Map
to the workshop venue

DHN Members Workshops #14